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Pain management

The Benefits of Dry Needling

Whether you are suffering from chronic pain in your shoulders, tennis elbow, bursitis at your hip or gluteal muscle strains dry needling can be a help in all these situations.   Dry Needling is a form of muscle treatment where very fine needles are inserted into painful muscles to cause a small area of controlled inflammation in the tissue when it enters the body.  This [...]

Stress and Sympathetic Dominance

By Dr Elise Feher, Chiropractor & Certified SD Protocol Practitioner Stress…it’s such a buzz word in the health industry but what does it actually mean for your health and well-being?   Chronic stress as a result of work and family pressures and long term health issues play a huge role in decreasing your enjoyment of life. Many people think of stress as a normal part [...]

Back to Work Tips to Help You Stay Well

Many of my patients report that their body feels much better while away from work or on holidays. This isn’t really a surprise as we’re usually more active, swimming at the beach and most importantly, less stressed! If you’ve started back at work this week, check out the following tips to help keep your body feeling as good as it has been while on holidays! [...]

Postural Influences on Health, Mood and Confidence

One of the most common contributors to my patient’s spinal issues is poor posture. We’ve heard it since we were children – “stand up straight, don’t slouch!” While it is true that standing up straight is beneficial structurally for our body, it also can have a powerful effect on our mind, mood and confidence too.   Firstly, let’s explore the structural impact on the body [...]

Children and Back Pain

Is School becoming a "Pain in the Back?"   We’re well and truly back into the school year, which means young spines are readjusting to heavy backpacks, increased iPad and computer usage and poor desk posture. Neck pain, headaches, back pain and growing pains are some of the common complaints a child may have. As the bones of the spine do not fully fuse until [...]

More than just Back Pain

When you hear the word Chiropractor, most people will immediately think of back pain and neck pain.  Although it is true that Chiropractors can aid in the management of these ailments, the benefits of Chiropractic care go far deeper into ones overall health and wellbeing.  My priority for my clients is to assess overall function, rather than only focusing on symptoms.  You may have heard [...]

How Screen Time Effects Your Health

We've all heard about the negative effects too much screen time can have on our health, particularly for children.  For spinal posture, it is a huge concern, with many hours on end spent looking down at our phones, iPads or computers.  We're noticing children have neck pain, headaches and changes in their spinal curvatures.  However have you heard about the long term effects screen time [...]

Tips for a Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Are you finding that you’re consistently waking with neck pain or headaches in the morning? Are you a stomach sleeper? The posture we adopt while we sleep plays an important role in spinal health. Stomach sleepers have to turn their head to one side in order to breathe which creates tension in the muscles of the neck and upper spine. This sleeping position also increases [...]

Back Your Inner Athlete

Spinal Health Week 2016 will focus on how one can perform and live better by backing their inner athlete.  This is through good spinal function, reducing pain, improving posture and taking care of one’s health. With the Olympics around the corner, the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia would like to use this year’s Spinal Health Week, held between 23-29 May, to remind all Australians they don’t [...]

The Power of Gratitude

I've known about practicing gratitude for a little while now, however it's only been recently that I've come to understand the power and impact it can have if practiced on a regular basis (daily).   I recently was shown a video of a guy named Hugh who is a part of the Resilience Project.  It was after watching his message that I realised the amazing [...]

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