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Neuro Emotional Technique NET

Back to Work Tips to Help You Stay Well

Many of my patients report that their body feels much better while away from work or on holidays. This isn’t really a surprise as we’re usually more active, swimming at the beach and most importantly, less stressed! If you’ve started back at work this week, check out the following tips to help keep your body feeling as good as it has been while on holidays! [...]

Exciting New Research on NET

As many of you know I’ve been practicing Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) with my patients for around 5 years. It’s become a huge part of my treatment plan as it’s allowed me to assess various contributing factors to my patient’s case.   As a chiropractor, we do have a strong holistic philosophy. We believe that it’s not just structural or physical impacts on the body [...]

More than just Back Pain

When you hear the word Chiropractor, most people will immediately think of back pain and neck pain.  Although it is true that Chiropractors can aid in the management of these ailments, the benefits of Chiropractic care go far deeper into ones overall health and wellbeing.  My priority for my clients is to assess overall function, rather than only focusing on symptoms.  You may have heard [...]

Feeling at bit off? Tips to regain focus

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a little more tired than usual.  Maybe it's the colder grey days that create the need to hibernate a bit more.  If you're finding you're feeling stressed out, unfit, run down and/or consuming a nutritionally poor diet, your immune system may be struggling.  This can make us more prone to picking any cold or virus that's floating [...]

TMJ (Jaw) Pain and Tension – May be contributing to your Headaches

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the two joints that connect the jaw to the skull. These hinge joints slide and rotate in front of each ear, and consist of the temporal bone (the side and base of the skull) and the lower jaw (mandible). When the mandible and the joints are properly aligned, a smooth muscle action can take place, allowing movement of the mouth [...]

Feeling Low on Energy?

As the year comes to a close many people are struggling with their energy levels. Work, family and Christmas stress are all taking a toll. Most of us are hanging out for the summer break just to recharge. However before you know it, 2016 is here, routine resumes, and we struggle with the same energy troubles.   There are many causes to fatigue and flat [...]

Surviving the Silly Season

With the busy end of year season upon us, many people will naturally feel more run down and lethargic, as the stress begins to build.  The Christmas decorations and carols are starting to play at the shops, it's a nightmare trying to get a car park, and many of us suffer extra pressure at work trying to get things done before the end of the [...]

Natural Approach to Pain Management

So often I meet people who have been struggling with pain – obviously it’s a big driving force behind why they seek help. I think more people are seeking out conservative care, particularly when they are faced with the option of surgery or heavy medications.   More research is demonstrating that chronic pain has a lot to do with your brain and sensory nerves over-firing. [...]

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